Corrupt police officers could lose pensions

Corrupt police officers could lose pensions
Published:  1 Jul at 11 AM
A group of MPs is calling for a new code of ethics to be introduced to the police force that could see officers lose part of their pension if they are found to be dishonest or corrupt. The Home Affairs Select Committee said it knew of several cases where officers have resigned rather than face investigation.

At the moment police officers can leave the force to avoid being punished. However, the government said it wants to see all investigations concluded, even if the officer being questioned decides to resign.

One officer talking to the committee admitted that the threat of having a pension docked would be incentive for most to stay on the right side of the law. Keith Vaz, labour MP and chairman of the committee, said there was a minority in the police force of officers who are involved in inappropriate activities.

Mr Vaz wants the College of Policing to introduce a Certificate in Knowledge of Policing that all officers will have to obtain. He explained that the certificate would be like the Hippocratic oath that all doctors are required to take.

A Police Federation spokesman said he was not convinced that a new set of ethics will make a difference as police officers in England and Wales are already expected to perform to the highest standards.