Retirement peace of mind at Retirement UK


Retirement is a part of life that many individuals look forward to for many years, but it can also be quite daunting. Finishing their working life is a fantastic time for most but the completely free days can be intimidating with nothing to fill their time.

However, with the right planning early on and with an openness to new experiences retirement can be the most rewarding part of your life - spending time with your family, taking up new hobbies, doing all those little things you always wanted to do but never had time.

When you've retired and have enjoyed the initial two weeks of complete relaxation, having lie-ins and spending the day reading the newspapers, walking the dog or watching TV, you will soon want a bit more from your free time. Start by thinking about how you will replace your work routine with a "retirement routine". Think of it not as a case of finding things just to fill your time but as an opportunity to do whatever you wish to. Take some time to think about your lifestyle and how you're going to adapt, if getting up early for work has always been drudgery, put a more relaxed start to the day in your schedule - even if it's just an extra couple of hours. There's no rush into doing everything in the first few weeks, taking your time and make sure you enjoy everything you do.

Ask yourself some important questions: What do you like to do? Were there things you longed to do but didn't have time for when you were working? These are the activities you should begin building your retirement days around. In a way, these new activities may now be your job and can provide you with the most satisfaction. For example, you may decide to pursue educational interests that you've always wanted to do - many retired people are even deciding to begin degrees to further their knowledge of certain things. It may be a less structured education, just purchasing a few books and reading more. You may even already have a hobby that you just wish you had the time to indulge more, for example you may have always wanted to spend more time fishing or going to more games at your local rugby or football club.

One option that many individuals would like but rarely think to do, is actually to continue working - but this time on your own terms, doing a job you enjoy. This may be something as small as working in a small cafe or just working part-time at a local shop. The key is to find something you can enjoy because if you have planned well for retirement, the wage you will receive from this will be just a small bonus - not a figure that you have to rely on. There are a lot of benefits to working in something like this, obviously getting paid even a small amount is never a bad thing, but you also benefit from meeting new people, chatting to customers and being in an enjoyable environment.